Who will receive up to $1,682 in the first SS payment for September?

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This Wednesday September 14, 2022 the Social Security Administration is set to send out the first check to recipients, according to this month’s schedule.

That means that if you’re a beneficiary and your birth date is from the first to the 10th of the month, your payment is being sent out today.

Those whose birth date lands from the 11th to the 20th of the month, will see their payment being distributed on Wednesday, September 21st.

And finally those who celebrate their birth date between the 21st and the 31st of the month, will see their payment programmed to go out on Wednesday, September 28, two weeks from today.

SSI recipients will get two payments in September

For some people, Social Security checks aren’t enough to cover their basic living expenses, therefore they may be eligible to receive Suplemental Security Income or SSI.

The SSI is a program designed to send monthly payments to adults and children with a disability that prevents them from working.

For instance SSI is available for adults age 65 or older that have limited income and financial resources, and in September, recipients are getting two payments.

Who’s getting two payments in September?

Those that received their Social Security before May 1997 or those receiving both Social Security and SSI, received their Social Security on September 2, and their first SSI payment on September 1, with the next one coming on September 30.

SSI recipients could be sent up to $1,682 during this month, as the maximum per payment is for a maximum of $841 dollars.

Cost-of-living-adjustment will reportedly increase

AARP is predicting that the cost-of-living-adjustment or COLA will have an 8-10% increase that would boost the amount received by beneficiaries up to around $150 dollars each month.

But this will be determined by the consumer prices by the end of September, with the actual amount being announced on October, for the increases taking effect on January 2023.

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