Who may be qualified to receive up to $630 in state tax credits under the Child Tax Credit?

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Pennsylvania released a child tax credit plan, and it will help families with ends meet, gas, and food prices.

Information released demonstrates that families can claim up to $630 in child tax credits. The program includes $25 million in funding to help families.

The numbers illustrate that more than 200,000 Pennsylvanian families could get the child tax credit.

The program revealed

Tom Wolf, governor of Pennsylvania revealed that the Child and Dependent Care Enhancement Program will benefit working families “who pay for daycare for their children,” as The Sun Reported.

Families in Pennsylvania that qualify for the child tax credit will receive it when filing the state taxes at the beginning of 2023.

“Cost should never be a barrier for parents looking for an educational, safe, supportive, and fun environment for their children while they’re at work each day,” Governor Wolf mentioned.

“I wanted to create this state-level child care tax credit to support our hard-working families, our workforce, our children, and our combined success in this commonwealth.”

Pennsylvania’s Senate approved the budget in July, and they estimate that more than 220,000 families will benefit from the tax credit, which is refundable.

The annual Economic Policy Institute found that the annual cost of infant care in the state is around $12,000.

Who is eligible for the Child and Dependent Care Enhancement Program in Pennsylvania?

State rules illustrate that families can claim up to two children for a maximum of $630.

  • Households earning less than $43,000 will get $315 for one child or $630 for two or more children.
  • Households earning more than $43,000 would obtain $180 for one child and $360 for two or more children.
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