Lionel Messi is adamant about enjoying his likely final World Cup game.

The world-famous Lionel Messi of Argentina said on Monday that he is ready to make the most of what would likely be his fifth and final opportunity to win the World Cup. At 35 years old, the small magician is almost finished with his extraordinary, trophy-filled career. After participating in four World Cup competitions and experiencing the heartbreak of losing the 2014 final to Germany in Brazil, Messi is convinced that he wants to make the most of what might be his final outing on the international stage in Qatar.

Messi told reporters in Doha, “I believe this will be my final World Cup and my final opportunity to realise this enormous goal that we all share.”

“I’m in a wonderful mood, however I’m not sure if this is my happiest time. I want to maximise every opportunity, live it to the fullest, and savour every second because I’m older and more mature.

“Everything is lot more enjoyable to me now. Before, I didn’t give it much thought.

When you get older, you start to view things differently and value small details more than you did in the past.

In addition to Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal, the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner is largely recognised as one of the two greatest players of all time.

Messi, meanwhile, is desperate to follow in the footsteps of fellow Argentina legend Diego Maradona, who led the South American powers to victory in Mexico 1986 after winning nearly everything else in football.

Messi has trained twice recently without the rest of the team, but he made the move to allay Argentines’ worries that he might not be ready for Tuesday’s Group C opening against Saudi Arabia.

He explained, “I trained separately because I had a knock; it was preventative, but nothing unusual.”


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