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share market is one of the leading platform to make a money. If you invest in Share Market and you want to know about how to buy the first share then read how to buy the first share post completely.

Whenever someone buys the first share, he does not understand in which company to buy the first share, he has a lot of confusion, and if some new people invest their money in the stock market, then he does not have much idea. In which company would it be right to invest your money?

Read this article in full, in this article we will give you full details on how you can buy your first share, and also share some points in this article that if you take care of them, you can win a lot, so let’s know how to buy your first share.

how to buy the share

To buy shares, it is very important to have a Demat account. If you have a Demat account, you can buy and sell shares in any company. If you don’t have a Demat account, you can now create a Demat account on Upstox. You can open Upstox by downloading it from here

the right time to buy shares

The right time to buy stocks is when the market is down, then it is considered the best time to buy stocks because when the whole stock market is down, all people take their money out of the stock market, and when all people take their money out of the stock market. If you get out, the stock price will drop a lot at that time, so it’s time for you to buy shares.

How to buy the first share?

  • Research the company carefully
  • Conduct a fundamental analysis of the company
  • Are the company’s sales growing or not?
  • Is the company profitable or not?
  • What percentage of the company’s shares are held by the owner
  • How long has the company been operating
  • The company has no debt
  • The company operates in the field

Research points for choosing the company

  • Company Track Record
  • Company Founders Track Record
  • Low Debt Free Company
  • Sales And Profit Growth
  • Customer Satisfaction

what should do for Company Track Record

You must have often seen that there is always some company in the news, as if the RBI had notified the bank for some reason.

Either some company or some bank is fined, or someone is harmed, such news keeps coming, or the government sends a notice to someone.

There is a lot of such news coming out, so the first thing you should see is whether you invest your money in a company or in a bank, whether there is any notification about it or not.

And you search well on google about this company and find out about this company, is this company good or not, if your company is doing well, then you can invest your money in this company, but if there is any scam or Fraud happened on behalf of the company so you should never invest your money in this company.

Company Founders Track Record

You need to see how the owner of this company works in the company you are investing your money in or if the owner of this company has committed any kind of scam or scam, first of all research it well. gotta do it

If the company you are investing your money in and if the owner of that company has been deceived or cheated, then that company will not be able to operate for long.

So do your research once about the owner of the company you are investing in and also see how many days he has been running that company.

You can see this in an example, how Mukesh Ambani and Ratan Tata, the owners of very large companies, did not commit any scams, that’s why it has been working for so long and everyone knows about it.

Low Debt Free Company

As you all know, whether it’s our personal life or our business, if we’re in debt, we’re in big trouble.

It’s the same with a company: if a company has more debt, that company may also be in trouble, so before you invest in any company, you should make sure that that company is debt-free.

If the company gets debt, then they can not work for a long time, also see if the company has debt, then how much money this company has, can this company get out of debt by paying off the debt of this company? Yes or no

That is why before investing your money in any company, we have seen on that company if there is no debt, this is the best way, if there is no debt on that company then that company will work very well and make your money a profit. Will give

Sales And Profit Growth

Look at both of the above things about the company and you liked both things about the company, but what matters most to you is sales growth, sales growth and profit growth.

You should see if the company is making sales and profits similar to those of the company. If any company is operating and any goods are produced in this company and whether these goods are sold or not, you should see them once, if the company produces any goods and sells these goods, then these are good moments.

maybe because if any company produces similar and If the goods of this company are selling, you can invest your money in this company, because if the goods of any company are selling well, then this company means that the company is doing well and you have invested your money. This company can give good value for your money.

Customer Satisfaction

Whatever company produces any goods and sells them on the market, the buyer necessarily gives a review about these products, whether they are good or bad.

And the market moves up and down only due to customer feedback, if a customer gives good reviews about the products of any company, it is very beneficial for the company, if the same customer gives wrong reviews about the products of any company, then for this company. can be very harmful

Because whenever a product is made, it depends on the customer’s feedback and the quality of the product, how the product will be, then it is very important that the customer’s feedback if you are investing your money, then once on that company’s product. Be sure to pay attention to which product that company is making and whether the product is pleasing to the customer or not.


Friends, we have given you complete information in this article, if you are new to the market, then how do you buy your first share and what should you take care of and how did you like this article about how to buy the first share in the comment Tell and be sure to share this article how to buy the first share with your friends.


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