celebrate world sparrow day 2022 under the theme i love sparrows

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The ecological holiday has been held since 2010. Sparrows are among the species that cause the least concern. They are widespread, and people almost do not pay attention to them. Indian ecologists decided to correct this situation: they called sparrows “invisible heroes of the environment” and offered to dedicate their own day to these birds.

When was the first World Sparrow Day Celebrated?

In Europe, Asia, and Africa, there are up to 35 species of sparrows. They bring both nature and man great benefits. The first International Sparrow Day was celebrated on March 20, 2010, and since then the holiday has become an annual event. Its purpose is to raise awareness of this humble but important bird.to spread awareness in regard to World Sparrow Day, The Nature Forever Society has created a dedicated website  –www.worldsparrowday.org. This website has an of its kind collection of photographs and information of twenty-two species of sparrows found across the world.

important facts about sparrows

Sparrows are often found near gardens, kitchen gardens, and agricultural fields, pecking at seeds. But when the farmers decided to fight the sparrows and were able to partially exterminate them, they disappeared, and the caterpillars ate the crop. It turns out that birds protect crops from more dangerous pests, “charge” for this very small (compared to pests) “fee”. In addition to caterpillars, sparrows eat aphids on roses, plums, apple trees, viburnum, currants, corn, and other crops.

Even eating seeds, this bird does not always harm sunflower, berry, and fruit crops – the sparrow is interested in weed seeds with the same zeal. Moreover, his appetite can be directed to the benefit of agriculture. Gardeners are advised, after a full harvest, to pour a little cereal on areas where there are no perennial crops. When the sparrow’s peck at it, they will continue to look for light food, and as a result, they will shovel the ground, clearing it of weed seeds.

the theme of world sparrow day 2022

I Love Sparrows’ is The theme for World Sparrow Day 2022 and the motive behind it is that more people will celebrate the relationship between people and sparrows by making them remember the bond they share as people have lived in harmony with these little birds for 10,000 years.

slogans for world Sparrow Day 2022

International Sparrow Day is celebrated under several mottos:
• Save the sparrows before it’s too late!
• Let’s give sparrows a good environment to grow.
• Let’s not let the sparrows become a memory.
• Do not hear the sparrows – a threat to the planet.

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