AC Payments California: Who will receive these $225 checks?

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By Mahim

With California coming through a scorching hot summer, residents in the state have faced brutal heatwaves as temperatures continue to climb. In order to help low income residents, the US state of California has introduced the Cool LA initiative to ease the burden of rising temperatures of residents in Los Angeles.

The program, which created in conjunction with the city of Los Angeles and LA’s Department of Water and Power (LADWP), aims to provide eligible residents with a payment of up to 225 dollars to help them procure select air conditioners from the LADWP Marketplace.

“The impacts of the climate emergency are on our doorstep, and as we continue our work to make Los Angeles a carbon-neutral city, we can’t wait to bring solutions to people on the front lines of this crisis today,” said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti in an official press statement.

“Cool LA will bring needed relief from the heat to over a quarter million of our most vulnerable Angelenos – and is the latest step in our work to ensure communities bearing the brunt of climate change get immediate support.

LADWP Board President, Cynthia McClain-Hill also added the importance of helping those at risk labelling the current situation as shameful.

“Countless Angelenos often put their own health and safety at risk by keeping their AC units off during dangerous heat conditions, because of the fear they won’t be able to pay their electric bills if they run their AC.

“What’s even more shameful is that some of the most at-risk members of our city can’t even afford to own air conditioners,” McClain-Hill added to the press statement.

Who is Eligible?

Eligibility is dependent solely on income with a single resident making 36,620 dollars or less qualifying. Similar the threshold for a family with two will also be 36,620 dollars with the requirement going up by 9,440 dollars for each additional family member.

In total approximately 250,000 residents are set to benefit from the scheme.

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